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Mechanical engineering

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A heart for mechanics

Thanks to our long-standing expertise and love for mechanics, Fidomatic is the perfect partner for designing and developing machinery customised to your company. Just think of machines for process automation. For example, a conveyor belt, feeding system, sanding machine, ... or machinery for a very specific purpose.

Een hart voor mechanica - Fidomatic
3D-ontwerpsoftware - Fidomatic

One-stop shop for customised mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering projects can come to us in various ways:  

  • Right from the start, we work with you on the design of the machinery. In advance, you will get a clear picture of what the end result will look like thanks to our 3D design software.
  • We can also simply be a partner carrying out the work. We regularly work at the request of design agencies, whereby we complete the entire technical side of a project: from the production of all machine parts up to and including the assembly.

The synergy between our various departments is a major asset for our mechanical engineering services. Because we can finish a machine in-house from the basic construction, with all precision mechanical parts, Fidomatic guarantees to deliver quality machinery. Including delivery to your company, directly from our workshop.

Machinebouw op maat - Fidomatic